Sarah and Dan

I love love. My job is SO much fun, y'all. There are very few things that make me happier than getting to witness and photograph weddings and love stories. Everyone's is different, everyone's is beautiful. One thing that definitely DOES make weddings more fun is when you have a personal relationship with your clients. I've known Sarah since weddings were just something we would dream about. Growing up, Sarah's sister, Becca, and I were best friends. I vividly remember forming a band with Becca and having Sarah be our Choreographer. I mean, we were GOING to be famous.

We're all grown up now. Not quite famous, but all incredibly happy. Sarah and Dan are the sweetest, and have the cutest addition to their little family in Henry. I was all kinds of heart eyes when I saw that little man in his tiny suspenders. 

Congratulations to Sarah, Dan and baby Henry! Your wedding was beautiful and your future is so bright! 

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